Charged With Theft? Know Your Options

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Criminal lawyers play a vital role in defending those charged with theft. Theft is the unauthorized taking of another person’s property with the intent to deprive the owner of that property permanently. This can include a wide range of actions, from shoplifting to embezzlement.

Florida statutes surrounding theft lend themselves to many definitions. Two principal elements of a theft crime are:

  1. The defendant knew the property was not his or hers, and
  2. The intention was to deprive the rightful owner of their property rights.

When an individual is charged with theft, they may feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn. This is where a criminal lawyer can help. A criminal lawyer will work with the individual to understand the specific charges they are facing and develop a defense strategy that is tailored to their unique situation. When you have a criminal lawyer on your side, they can work to challenge the admission of evidence, seek a reduction or dismissal of charges, or prepare for trial.

One defense strategy that is commonly used in theft cases is the claim of lack of intent. For an individual to be found guilty of theft, the prosecution must prove that the individual intended to permanently deprive the owner of their property. A criminal lawyer may argue that the individual did not have the necessary intent and that the taking of the property was accidental or unintentional. Having a law team on your side that understands the nuances of the Florida Civil Theft Statute and the various forms of theft and robbery will help ensure you are best suited to tackle your case.

We will always fight to reduce or dismiss your theft charges. One defense strategy that can be used in theft cases is the claim of involuntary action. This defense asserts that the individual was under duress or coercion when they committed the theft. For example, if an individual is threatened with harm if they do not take someone else’s property, they may be able to use this defense in court.

Criminal lawyers play a crucial role in defending individuals charged with theft.  A stellar team can help individuals understand the charges they are facing, develop a defense strategy, negotiate plea deals, and defend against civil lawsuits. If you are facing theft charges it is important to seek the guidance of an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

Joseph Zager, Principal of ZAGERLAW, PA, shares that, “The most important piece of information if you are charged with a crime, is to obtain the representation of a seasoned lawyer — one who can negotiate out of court as well as be experienced in the courtroom to work fluidly with the judge and with great knowledge of the proceedings.”

We understand that life happens — and we are here to help. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable law practitioners will support you during difficult times in your life. Visit our Facebook page or give us a call at 954.888.8170 to access your free consultation.

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