Success Stories

The Case: Defendant was facing four counts of criminal offenses, including aggravated assault, battery, criminal mischief, and culpable negligence.

The maximum penalty: 12 years in prison

The Result: Extensive investigative work, in conjunction with depositions indicating the aggravated assault never happened, caused the State to drop (Nolle Prosse/Dismissed) all charges.

The Case: A client had to build a defense against charges of stalking.

The maximum penalty: 1 year in prison.

The Result: Based on skillful investigation and depositions, ZAGERLAW, PA was able to prove to the State Attorney’s Office that there was no crime committed and therefore the case was properly dismissed.

The Case: Defendant was facing several serious counts of domestic violence and abuse against a minor(s).

The maximum penalty: 25 years to life in prison

The Result: Case dismissed via Nolle Prosse — a decision made by the prosecutor not to pursue a criminal charge or charges any further — due to extraordinary circumstances

The Case: A client was charged with Failure to Register as a Sex Offender.

The penalty: Defendant was facing a minimum of 21 months in prison

The Result: Based on previous experience with this type of charge, ZAGERLAW, PA., handled every one of these cases successfully for over six years and negotiated a sentence that did not require any prison time. The defendant was adjudicated and sentenced to 3 days — time served.