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If two parents get divorced, or were never married and decide to part ways, one of the primary legal issues will be child support. Child support is a regular court-ordered payment that one parent must pay to the other. Child support is justified because both parents have the responsibility to provide financial support for their children, whether or not they are married or even want to have a close relationship with their kids.

Child support orders can have a significant effect on the lives of both parents and children. These orders ensure that a parent can afford to cover the child’s basic needs. You must ensure that any child support order is fair under your specific circumstances.

An experienced Florida child support lawyer at ZAGERLAW, P.A., can review any child support order and negotiate with the other parent and the court if needed to reach a fair decision.

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Child Support in Florida

Florida Child Support Determinations

While parents often want to argue against child support, Florida law is clear about the awarding of child support. The law sets out specific guidelines that take into consideration several factors, including:

  • Parenting time of each parent
  • Respective incomes
  • Number of children
  • Expenses for a child’s health insurance
  • Other expenses deemed relevant

A parent who spends more time with the children tends to be the one to receive child support, though this can vary from case to case. For example, a significant income discrepancy can lead to a different arrangement.

While courts often stay close to the formula for determining child support in Florida, family law judges do have some discretion to alter the ordered amount of child support under justified circumstances.

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Experienced Attorneys of Child Support in Florida

Regardless of your situation, it is critical to have a child support attorney in Florida to help you understand the legal requirements. An experienced lawyer from ZAGERLAW, P.A. can review any potential order, whether you are receiving or ordered to pay child support. An order that is too low can hinder the receiving parent’s ability to support the child, while one too high can cause the paying parent to have unnecessary financial struggles. Contact a Fort Lauderdale child support lawyer at our law firm for more information.

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Modifying Child Support

We all know that financial circumstances can change, and a child support order that was once appropriate may no longer be fair. In this case, one parent may want a modification of the child support order from the court that issued the initial order.

To obtain a modification, it is usually necessary to demonstrate a substantial change in circumstances that warrants a modification or termination. Some examples of sizeable changes in circumstances include:

  • Involuntary job loss or reduction in income of one parent;
  • Significant increase in the earnings of one parent;
  • Changes in time-sharing and custody;
  • Changes in the expenses of a child,
  • Incarceration or incapacitation of a parent.

If you have any child support matter in Florida family court, you should not delay contacting our dedicated child support lawyers. Our attorneys will represent you throughout the legal process and protect your rights to a fair and appropriate child support determination under Florida law. Please call our office today for more information.

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