Success Stories

The Case: Defendant was facing several serious counts of domestic violence and abuse against a minor(s).

The maximum penalty: 25 years to life in prison

The Result: Case dismissed via Nolle Prosse — a decision made by the prosecutor not to pursue a criminal charge or charges any further — due to extraordinary circumstances

The Case: A Family Law client — a mother — had her child removed based on an Emergency Motion filed by the father in West Palm Beach. Evidence was presented to the Court showing the accusations by the father in the Emergency Motion was — in fact — not an emergency.

The Result: The child returned to the mother; additionally, the mother was awarded make-up time for time lost while waiting for the hearing outcome.

The Case: A Family Law client — a father — was served Paternity action in Broward.

The Result: The necessary proof was acquired and presented to the Court that the parties were married and divorced in another country and that there was no jurisdiction to deal with this matter in the State of Florida, resulting in a dismissal of the case with prejudice!